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An RPG podcast where we pretend to know what we are talking about.

Murder Hobo RPG Show Podcast - E.38 Drowned War

June 20, 2021

Murder Hobo RPG Show is a podcast about role playing games.  We pretend to know what we are talking about, but mostly just make fart jokes and say really dumb things.

In this episode we welcome Dustin Smith to the podcast and Uncle Jay Razz and myself talk to him about a his new kickstarter coming July 6th, 2021 called DROWNED WAR.

Plug us into your ear holes and let the stupidity sway you into a false sense of safety and comfort.

This podcasts is edited from our twitch stream. You can watch us live every second Wednesday at https://www.twitch.tv/themurderhoboshow

Hope you Enjoy!


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